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Darth Vader 101: Intro to Vader

For all Vadersuit-related WTFs.

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Welcome to Darth Vader 101: Intro to Vader!

Please have a seat and make yourself comfy while we go over the syllabus. The hyperbaric chamber is in the corner for those requiring it. Vader-writers, Vader-readers, and fans of Vader are all welcome. Those who wish to point and laugh and call us anal freaks, however, are not. The tall, dark, and wheezy subject of our discussion finds your lack of faith disturbing, and we'd hate to have to clean you up off the floor.

What is Intro to Vader? Is it an online course? Can I get credit for it?

Despite the silly name, darthvader101 is not an online course, nor a forum for the maintainer to lecture. It's intended to be a place where fans of Darth Vader can discuss...well...Darth Vader. *g*

What sort of discussion, exactly?

Specifically, darthvader101 is intended to be a place to discuss all things relating to Darth Vader's physical condition. What is a hyperbaric chamber? How does the Vadersuit work? Can he go swimming? Etc. Any and all discussion about Darth Vader's daily routine/physical condition is welcome here. No essay too big, no question too small.

What about Vader's personality?

Characterization issues can certainly be discussed, especially if they relate to physical issues in some way. (For instance, "Do you think Vader is mean because the suit is uncomfortable?") If you want to discuss why Anakin Skywalker went to the dark side, however, that's not really on topic. think_anakin would be a better place for that.

Are there any rules/guidelines?

A few, yes.

1. Please stay on topic. The topic here is Darth Vader--defined, for the purposes of this comm, as post-Mustafar. (Redeemed Vader going by Anakin Skywalker again is fine.) Vaderness here does not mean evilness, it means needing the Vadersuit. Basically, if you want to squee about how hawt Anakin is in Episode II, this is not the community for you.

2. Please use an LJ-cut for long essays or big pictures.

3. Please at least make an attempt to use correct spelling and grammar. Occasional, silly or ironic use of netspeak is fine, but please don't post all in caps or all in netspeak, or anything like that. If community members can't easily read your post, it's hard to comment on it!

4. Please don't promote your RPG.

5. Recommending well-written Darth Vader fanfic or fanart is fine. Linking to your own Darth Vader fanfic or fanart is fine, too, but please don't post that kind of stuff to the community itself.

6. If your post is not worksafe (meaning that if someone is reading LJ at work, their boss would object to glimpsing it over their shoulder), please use an LJ-cut, and please label it prominently as NOT-WORKSAFE or ADULT.

7. This isn't a rule, but if you would tag your posts, it'd be appreciated. You can use the pre-set tags for the comm or make up new ones. This will make it easier for people to find answers to their questions in the archive.

Is there an upper limit to how graphic posts can be?

No. If you want to discuss whether or not Vader pees, or what is beneath his codpiece, please feel free. If your post is adult/not-worksafe, however, please see the rule above about LJ-cutting and labeling.

If you have any questions about the community, please ask tartanshell.

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