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putting 'costumed vigilante' as my occupation

My intro and a question: Can Vader get wet?

Hi, I'm tartanshell. I'm female, American (from the midwest), and in my mid-20s. In real life, I do a lot of things, but the occupation I'm happiest to own up to is that I'm a YA fantasy writer.

I discovered Star Wars when I was fourteen and some friends forced me to watch the original trilogy one night. (At that point, I was a fantasy fan, not at all into space or sci-fi.) I started to like it about five minutes into A New Hope, started to love it in The Empire Strikes Back when Vader tells Luke he's his father (I didn't know beforehand!), and then fell absolutely head over heels at the end of Return of the Jedi. I forget whether my parents already owned the trilogy on VHS or if I asked them to buy it, but soon after I discovered SW, I watched the movies a lot! (Complete with rewinding the end of RotJ every time like the little Vader/Luke baby-fangirl that I was...) *g* I found Vader absolutely fascinating.

I wasn't at all fannish, though, until TPM came out. That summer, I got back into the OT and bought some of the novels, collected the Pepsi cans, that sort of thing. But that was by-myself fandom. It didn't occur to me to look online for other fans.

Then I discovered online fandom (Lord of the Rings), discovered LJ and fandom here (Harry Potter) and slowly branched out into other fandoms. By the time RotS came out, I was enough of an "experienced" fan to realize that if I wanted Anakin/Obi-Wan slash, I could find it! (Or write it.) But soon after I started looking for fic, I realized I didn't want Anakin/anyone. Anakin didn't interest me the way Vader did (and still does). So, even though the PT brought me into Star Wars fandom, the OT is where my interest lies.

In Star Wars fandom, Vader is my favorite character, hands-down. I also like Luke and Leia a lot. Vader/Luke stories are my favorites (both father-son and slash, but not romantic hearts-and-flowers slash, more like "great love leads to physical intimacy"), but I'll read pretty much anything with well-written Vader. I am very, very fond of Vaderlives!AUs. I'm primarily a fanfic writer/reader, but I have also made one Star Wars fanvid.

So...that's me. Hi!

It's going to take me awhile to write out a description of my version of Vader, but I wanted to introduce myself and encourage you all to do the same. So, instead of an essay on Vader as I see him, how about a discussion topic?

Can Vader get wet? If so, how wet? (Going out in the rain, walking through a puddle, going wading, going swimming...?) If not, why not?

My answer is yes, sort of. I like to think that the Vadersuit is designed to be at least somewhat waterproof on the exterior, so that Vader won't get electrocuted or have anything short out if it starts to rain. I think he could walk through shallow water (ankle-deep, maybe a bit higher) with no problems. Any deeper than that, though, and I'm not sure. I think submerging his prosthetic limbs (clothed or not) might be a problem, and I definitely think submerging the control box on his chest is right out. Going swimming, in my opinion, is impossible. Breathing issues aside, I think he's so heavy that he'd sink!
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